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Community Alliance Project 

Building greater community wealth and resiliency

A Community-Vision Solutions Initiative

Consultation & Assessment

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Why CAP?

CAP is a Community - Vision Solutions, Benefit LLC initiative designed to strengthen communities through:

  • Committed collaboration and alliances with local nonprofits, small businesses, faith communities and other stakeholders

  • Sustainable community-building strategies and expertise

  • Access to extensive cross-sector networks and relationships

  • Coordinated wrap-around services, support, tech assistance

  • New resources, innovations, and best practices

  • Extensive real estate, development, and financing expertise

  • Joint Venture partnership development & implementation

Building Planning
Building Construction

CAP Objectives

The CAP components and process:


  • Evaluate & identify community stakeholder needs, assets, and strategies

  • Facilitate aligned strategic partnerships

  • Identify new capital, expertise, political and community support

  • Attract resources to replicate and scale initiatives  

  • Promote economic equality and sustainable systems change

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How does CAP help?

The CAP initiative is a replicable and scalable community-based model that:

  • Strengthens impact and resilience of vital local institutions

  • Supports Local & New Economic Development opportunities

  • Attracts new investment capital

  • Increases affordable housing options

  • Leverages C-V Solutions' cross-sector relationships on behalf of clients/collaborators

  • Empowers local institutions to resist destructive community market forces 

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