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C-VP and Moveius Contemporary Ballet put C.A.P into action.

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Community-Vision Partners is proud to have been the lead consultant engaged by the Moveius Contemporary Ballet - an impactful community-based nonprofit arts organization threatened to be displaced due to a pending sale of the building that houses their studio space. C-VP identified and facilitated strategies to not only avoid such displacement but also to ensure MCB's long-term sustainability and presence in this community.

In addition, C-VP engaged its real estate and community development associates on behalf of MCB to create the collaboration described in the article that follows - an outcome that better serves more community stakeholders.

An outcome that needs to become a bigger part of our community redevelopment priorities...

"Community-Vision Partners is an organization that understands that improving communities require committed cross sector collaboration and partnerships. C-VP's housing development expertise combined with their community arts experience, for example, is what attracted Heleos Development to our exciting Dance Loft on 14th project. By identifying strategies and connecting us to our collaborating arts partner, C-VP played a catalytic role in what will be a promising community 'campus' of housing, arts and other community-building possibilities."

---( Chris Van Arsdale, Principle Heleos Development)

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