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The Community Alliance Project

At the heart of Community-Vision Solutions' endeavors lies our signature social enterprise initiative, the COMMUNITY ALLIANCE PROJECT (CAP). The CAP initiative originates from decades of social enterprise efforts to address rampant, unsustainable economic, environmental and social inequities in affordable housing and community development, local investment, and community wealth building.


CAP was conceived to provide qualifying under-resourced community stakeholders with a social enterprise partner, and level the community development playing field through the convergence of C-V Solutions’ deep networks, business expertise, and advocacy agenda. CAP is a mission-driven effort that equally prioritizes the well-being of People and Planet with social and financial returns, and is strategically crafted to create lasting positive change and foster sustainable and equitable communities.

The multi-dimensional CAP model offers coordinated capital access, capacity-building technical assistance support, and expertise to create organizational, community impact and business outcomes for the greater good, including:

Origins of CAP 
Why CAP?
CAP Objectives
How It Works

CAP is a collaborative model between C-V Solutions and a coalition of distinguished change agents, thought leaders, activists and cross-sector professionals who provide efficient, coordinated support and services necessary to meet the Client/Partner’s development, funding and mission objectives.


Through CAP, C-V Solutions acts as a hub connecting capital access, direct services experts, and local stakeholders. 

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Representative Sectors
  • BIPOC grassroots empowerment groups

  • Community Land Trust/Affordable Housing projects

  • Small business (focus on underserved/BIPOC and Tribal communities)

  • Green economic development

  • Creative/Arts economic development

  • Economic/Social Equality empowerment advocates

CAP Services

Embodying a collaborative spirit, CAP presents a comprehensive package of interrelated services that go beyond traditional one-off support, providing Client/Partners and associates with an holistic and synergistic approach. These services are categorized into four main areas:


Project Capital Access Facilitation

Facilitating access to innovative project capital investment, ensuring adequate funding or strategies to bring transformative initiatives to life.


Equity Investment Participation

Facilitating access to equity investments and potential mission joint venture partners that ensure long-term, sustained support of and commitment to Client/Partner objectives.


Professional Network Access

Providing hands-on assistance and direct implementation of solutions, enabling Client/Partners to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities effectively.


Cross-Sector Networks and Relationships

Facilitating access to cross-sector collaborators including civic and elected official leaders and national advocacy and policy organizations, catalyzing the process of building resilient communities and local stakeholder credibility.

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