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The Community Alliance Project

At the heart of Community-Vision Solutions' endeavors lies our signature social enterprise initiative, the Community Alliance Project (CAP). This meticulously crafted model aims to facilitate the seamless formation of local investment ecosystems around our client prospects to achieve the following objectives:

To enhance the application of the CAP blueprint and advance our growth agenda, C-VS is dedicated to forming an independent collective comprising mission-driven allies from all facets of the local investment ecosystem.


This collective serves as the crucial missing piece in the existing paradigm, offering a strategic and replicable alliance that spans both local and, eventually, national levels. It represents a pragmatic and sustainable alternative to the current practices of community revitalization and economic development, with a core focus on generating social, environmental, and financial returns for all ecosystem investors and collaborators.


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CAP Services

Embodying a collaborative spirit, C-VS presents a comprehensive package of interrelated services that go beyond traditional one-off support, providing clients and associates with an holistic and synergistic approach. These services are categorized into four main areas:


Offering expert guidance and advice tailored to the unique needs of each client, empowering them with strategic insights and actionable plans.

Direct Services

Providing hands-on assistance and direct implementation of solutions, enabling clients to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities effectively.

Business Development

Fostering growth and sustainability through targeted business development initiatives, enhancing clients' capabilities and market positioning.


Project Capital and Equity Investment Facilitation

Facilitating access to project capital and equity investments, ensuring adequate funding to bring transformative initiatives to life.

Through this comprehensive suite of services, C-VS not only meets the diverse needs of our clients but also generates revenue from various sources, reinforcing its ability to foster positive change within communities and drive sustainable impact.

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