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RCI Community Funds

Igniting Possibilities, Amplifying Impact​


Local communities nationwide are facing economic distress due to various factors. Efforts to revitalize these communities often encounter challenges, primarily due to a lack of access to capital. C-VS affiliate, RCI Community Funds (RCI), is committed to bridging this gap by raising and deploying capital to revitalize, catalyze, and impact selected communities.

Vision and Approach

RCI collaborates with partners in targeted underserved communities to identify and qualify a group of revitalization projects. These projects, which include real estate (commercial, residential, mixed-use, light industrial and community/arts center infrastructure) and various local businesses (both startups and existing), are designed to collectively and interactively generate sufficient economic activity to serve as a foundation for future growth.

RCI will design and establish a series of standalone funds, each dedicated to a single community. These funds will be an advanced version of the Diversified Community Investment Fund developed by the National Coalition of Community Capital. Each fund aims to achieve profitable operations and generate a return for its investors.

Tree Planting

System Development and Scalability

RCI's work focuses on developing and deploying a scalable system that can be replicated in numerous communities. This system will be flexible and adaptable to address the unique needs of different communities while building reusable models, tools, contractual relationships, and a growing pool of investors supporting its work.


Each community project is expected to take 18 months to stage, raise, and deploy initial funding. Upon the successful completion of the crowdfunding campaign for the initial fund, RCI will refine and replicate its system, leading to the development of a community investment kit and training programs for , training programs, and licensing to qualified communities.

Competitive Advantages 

RCI is a unique social enterprise that leverages the collective expertise of its management team to drive meaningful change in urban and rural communities, and possesses a variety of competitive advantages, including:

  • Unique Approach to Community Revitalization

  • Financial and Regulatory Compliance Expertise

  • Complex Project Financing and Development Expertise 

  • Strong Network of Professionals and Leaders 

  • Commitment to Inclusivity and Shared Value

All Hands In

Management Team

Through common networks,  values, and passion for creating positive impact, the management team at RCI has come together to drive meaningful change in urban and rural communities. With a collective wealth of expertise spanning community and real estate development, financial and regulatory compliance, crowdfunding and capital formation strategy, and operational excellence, our team is uniquely positioned to take on the challenges of the local and social enterprise economy and drive results that deliver lasting success.

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Bill Huston

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Stephen Shaff

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Aaron Shalom

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Jeff Dangremond

Karl Dakin

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Get in Touch

We invite you to join us in this transformative endeavor to revitalize and empower local communities through strategic investment and collaborative efforts. Your support will help pave the way for sustainable economic growth and development in distressed communities.


Individuals and organizations interested in providing seed funding or learning more about this opportunity may contact us using the adjacent form or the information below:

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