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Community-Vision Solutions (C-VS) is an innovative social enterprise investor and strategist on the front lines of the emerging Impact economy. As a mission-driven Benefit LLC, we take pride in our unwavering commitment to equally prioritize the well-being of People and Planet with social enterprise profit. We thrive at the convergence of expertise, distinguished networks, and a progressive agenda, working tirelessly to create lasting positive change and foster sustainable and equitable communities.

Drawing from over 35 years of social enterprise, real estate development, organizing, and political activist experience, as well as extensive interrelated networks, C-VS has developed the COMMUNITY ALLIANCE PROJECT (CAP) – a community development model that combines best business practices savvy with an economic, environmental and social change agenda.

Our deep community involvement has enabled C-VS to establish relationships and networks grounded within the communities we serve as well as with investors, civic and elected official leaders, national advocacy and policy organizations, and activists. In doing so, we have assembled a robust national portfolio of investment opportunities: exceptional organizations with great potential to yield substantial social, environmental, and financial returns. Click below to learn more about RCI Community Funds, our affiliate organization with a mission to revitalize distressed communities through strategic capital deployment and community engagement.

"Community-Vision Solutions, Benefit LLC understands that improving communities requires committed cross sector collaboration and partnerships. By identifying strategies and connecting us to our collaborating arts partner, C-V played a catalytic role in what will be a promising community 'campus' of housing, arts and other community-building possibilities."

Chris Van Arsdale, Principal

Heleos Development

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